Monday, February 25, 2008

Movie Notes: Enfin Veuve

I still don't know who won all the Oscars last night. The big news here is that Marion Cotillard won for best actress. She won the best actress César last week. The Césars are basically the French Academy Awards. The show is the same, but the statue itself is unbelievably ugly: like a gold-plated turd. The best film here was Le Graine et le Mulet, which I think is about an Arab family, although it could be about a seed and a mule.

About 50% of all French movies are about droll, rich French people who are having affairs. I just saw Enfin Veuve, or "Finally a widow", a comedy about a droll, rich French woman aho is having an affair with a sailor when her husband dies in a freak accident. The family shows up and she has to pretend to grieve while she just wants to be with the sailor. Anyway, hopefully it will come out on DVD elsewhere because it's a very funny film. I laughed several times and my French comprehension isn't that great. It probably won't win any Oscars or Césars, but it's still worth watching.

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