Sunday, March 23, 2008

By the way

Incidentally, HAPPY early BIRTHDAY to my wife, who I miss terribly right now!


clairev said...

rufus how sweet! nothing says "happy birthday" more than a woman with a cake on her head and a (dead but reanimated corpse?) (mummy?) (zombie?) singing happy birthday to her before he eats her brains.


one of the many reasons i married you. :)


gregvw said...

Happy Birthdy, imaginary friend!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday, Claire! May your birthday braincake always be eaten by a deadthing that loves you most!

Rufus said...

Claire- he is a zombie and he came back to get his birthday cake from the relative who killed him on his birthday- 'tis her severed head on the platter. It's an inspiring story really.

clairev said...

thanks for the clarification rufus, good to know.

and even more thanks for the well-wishes! while it's officially tomorrow we celebrated over easter. there was red velvet cake. mmm.