Thursday, March 06, 2008

lola loves you (kinda)

so holly posted about their cat demanding furniture, lola has an apartment. we have a built-in linen closet that lola loves to hang out in. when she hears me opening the drawers or opening the top part she scuttles up the stairs to make sure she can get in on the action. i wonder if it's the smell of the cedar?



Holly said...

She looks pretty smug in that top picture.

clairev said...

lola is a deceptively pretty cat. her markings are almost perfectly symmetrical and she has these big 'penny eyes' (rufus calls them that) but she's feral and therefore hates everyone but me and him. it's kind of cartoonish. you can approach her cause she sits there looking sweet and then she all of a sudden hisses and swats you. and no one ever believes us when we warn them.

also, lola is extremely clumsy, which we get no end of joy from...