Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monsieur Obama

Hiromi has a great article about Japanese Obama tee-shirts. He's actually very popular here too- nobody tell the American voters that the French like Obama or he'll be doomed!

When I first arrived here, the French were convinced that a black man couldn't become President. Now, they believe that it will be "an automatic and radical change for the image of America" if he does get elected. But, they also think he'll be assassinated!

I think part of the reason the French prefer Obama is that he'll actually talk to them. The foreign press has been following his rival, Veruca Salt, but her people keep manhandling and yelling at them, God knows why. They're probaby part of the "vast right-wing French conspiracy" or something. But Obama not only talks to the French press; he also remembers their names. The only mistake he has made was speaking highly of Sarkozy to them. Otherwise, if the elections were held here, he would be Le President.

(Incidentally, I sent an email to Andrew Sullivan, suggesting that since the Clinton campaign has become so cynical in their general message, their new campaign song should be "Stop thinking about tomorrow". Sullivan was apparently not amused, but I think it's a decent gag.)

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Hiromi said...

I've looked around on the internet to see if people overseas can buy the shirts, but the problem with Japan is that credit cards are rarely used. If you buy something online, you have to do a bank transfer.

I'm gonna keep looking, though. I love their logo.