Sunday, March 23, 2008

More Assorted Graz

From a local coffee house, a multipurpose sugar packet:

Flirt much?

A sugar packet is more than a sugar packet, when you can write your contact info on it and leave it with that cutie at the next table... or the important business contact, who will surely be impressed that you're so resourceful as to leave your actual calling cards behind, and instead foist off condiments on new acquaintances...

Since getting our TV license, we've been exposed to all manner of informative broadcasting, such as this ad which made us laugh a lot, primarily because "schmecktakel" is what you get in German when combining the words for 'taste' and 'spectacle'. It is probably extra funny to native English speakers, because in English that portmanteau would be 'taste-acle'.

Also from the TV, this is a newspaper cover from Serbia during the Kosovo separation vote uproar in Feburary. The general non-separatist sentiment boiled down to two, short, emphatic words, perfect for headline splashing... Definitely something we've never seen on the US news, even in reference to Canada's last Quebec separatist vote, or the move to fence off all of the US-Mexican border.

Turns out fans of the Turkish market cheeses can buy it in large cans, just like tennis balls. Only tastier, and less covered in weird yellow hair. Yes, we ate all that cheese. It was good, too.

And, it's flower box season again, they are showing up everywhere. This one was particularly eye-popping on a gray day. There have been a lot of gray days lately--seems like late February and March are the rainy/windy/gray season. January and December were mostly clear, sunny, cold, blue-sky months. Fortunately, most of the rain is happening at night, and then it warms up to pleasant during the day now. (Except today. Today was Not Warm & Pleasant. This was to be expected, as we now have both been immunized against tick-borne encephalitis, and wanted to go hiking today. How do the clouds know??)


Rufus said...

I'm going to start using taste-acle in conversations.

Holly said...

Please report back on how that goes over....

I'm still trying to figure out why George Bush is on that newspaper. I can't imagine he has any idea who or where the Kosovars and Serbians are, or what's up with their politics.