Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ooh la la!

Recently, a French journal published an extensive study of French sexual habits which found that the current generation of femmes are quite sexually aggressive. In a related story, Camille Paglia has found that French women are really sexy. This raises an interesting question: if French women really are both sexually aggressive and very hot, are the young American males that claim to hate the French like stupid or something?

I can't say whether or not French women are sexually aggressive, of course, but I suppose they are sexy. Maybe that's the wrong word- plenty of women are sexy; they're sultry. And Paglia's right: by comparison, American actresses seem like little girls. Many of them are. I keep thinking, " well, maybe Reece Witherspoon and Kirsten Dunst will be sexy after they finish puberty."

I've spent some time thinking about why it is that so many people find French women to be sultry and seductive, not forgetting of course that I'm married! Here are some suggestions:

1. They dress really well. Of course, dressing badly is a punishable offense in France, along with things like eating Wonder Bread, whistling excessively, and public sobriety. Wear sweatpants with "Juicy" on the ass and they give you the guillotine!

2. They're in good health. In North America, it's easier to drive to most places. In France, it's easier to walk most places. 'Nuff said. However, French women are not overl arobicized, like for example Hillary Swank who seems as if she could crush walnuts in her vagina.

3. Joie de vivre. They seem to enjoy being alive. This has a great appeal. One thing I love about Claire is her passion for living. Naturally, it makes me think of sex.

4. Most importantly, there is something inaccessible about French women. Even when French actresses do nude scenes, they're never naked. There's always a mystique to them. Like a good teacher, they seem to know many things that they aren't quite revealing. This applies equally to French women in the street. There is some sort of mystery there, which is a large part of their charm.
Of course, it could be the scarves.


Holly said...

While many Austrian women are very attractive, especially in that healthy, outdoorsy, probably smells like clean laundry kind of way, and clearly COULD dress well if they chose, there is a tremendous segment of them who insist on dressing like Ashlee Simpson. They've somehow managed to reduce whatever they've got to the general appeal of their age. So, if they're 20, they've got all the appeal 20 year olds generally have... but no more than that. It's kind of sad.

gregvw said...

I believe the moniker you're reaching for is "scene queen."

Rufus said...

For me, the most amazingly dressed women are from Eastern Europe, where they seemingly dress like a cross between party girls in 1984 and Punky Brewster.