Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ed Fox

The chanteur of the instep, a photographer of bodies and soles, the Orson Welles of foot fetish films, Ed Fox has been able to turn what he calls his “little secret” into an oeuvre, with videos, photos, and now a deluxe edition book from Taschen, the publisher of every other cool art book on the shelves. Judging from the book, his style is somewhere between porn and art, with a heavy pinup glamour aesthetic, and heavy on the foot close-ups.

To be honest, I’ve never been particularly interested in women’s feet, not that there’s anything wrong with that interest; as far as fetishes go, it’s pretty tame; I think you’d have to be quite a prude to get upset by a boyfriend wanting to give you foot rubs. To each his, or her, own. Fox explains the female foot as a logical extension of the female body- a site of additional curves: “The perfect foot should look like a water slide, with all the twists and curves- one I could slide down with my arms straight out like a happy young boy.” Not surprisingly, he seems to have several low-angle photos, looking up at leggy women as if paying homage to a divinity.

I do feel bad for men’s feet though; it seems like all of the foot fetishists are interested in women’s feet. Who will appreciate a good manly set of arches?

Here's his site!

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gregvw said...

All I could find was art photos. How the hell do you expect me to rub one out to that?