Thursday, April 03, 2008

Giving Paris One More Chance

Alas, I am now in Paris, searching the Bibliotheque Nationale for clues. France is basically divided into two regions: Paris and n'est pas Paris. To be honest, I prefer Paris for the culture and the rest of France for the people. It's not bad here, but life is very fast- as with all big cities.

I am living on the Avenue Wagram, about two blocks from the Arc de Triomphe. The sights are incredible. I live in an attic room and feel like I'm obligated to write a novel while here. The only problem is that I'm at the corner of Très cher and Assez cher. I can't really afford to eat in my neighborhood.

But it's fun. The other night I got stuck in a crowd on the sidewalk waiting for a red carpet entrance to the Lido and saw some famous person. He looked like Mickey Rourke, but I'm never good at this game. We ate next to some guy from Titanic the last time I was here, and all I can remember was that he was the other guy and not Leonardo DiCaprio!

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