Saturday, May 10, 2008

And so we face the final curtain...

Wherefore, villain, hast thou failed? In an enlightening article, R.W. Johnson explains where Robert Mugabe went wrong in the recent elections in Zimbabwe and why his downfall is now unavoidable. The only problem, of course, is that this could be a very long and dreadful goodbye, given a beast-man like Mugabe. Let’s hope not. The opposition party Movement for a Democratic Change (MDC) has now agreed to return for an unnecessary Presidential run-off, having won the election rather handily. If this election is run fairly, they’ll win; but I wouldn’t bet the farm on that happening. If Mugabe clings to power, the West will, undoubtedly, deal with this cheerless situation by treating Zimbabwe as a quarantined zone and making it clear that they will pump all of their resources in once Mugabe is gone. He will then either leave or rage against the dying of the light. But, given his age, what’s inevitable won’t be long in coming either way. At present, the example of Robert Mugabe serves, if nothing else, as an argument for assassination.

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