Monday, May 19, 2008


Also, for the satorialists out there, I have fallen in love with this shirt and plan to buy it. This is a reckless and foolhardy gesture on my part, as I am a grad student and paid like one; but check out that pattern! It's just amazing. (you might need to click the picture and open it)


Holly said...

It's probably rude, but I have to ask... what does a shirt of that kind go for in Paris?

rufus said...

It was 70 euro, which really isn't so bad in comparison to what a shirt costs at places like Hugo Boss. Granted, I bought it from the tailor that made it too, so I think it's not a bad price overall.

But, with the shitty dollar, that's over a hundred bucks Canadian/ American, so be glad that your income is in euros!

Holly said...

Not only is there a home court advantage on income in euros, but also I don't actually have any fashion sense for myself. The €5 utterly nondescript shirt generally does the job.

(Let's not talk about my taste in watches, though!)

Rufus said...

Yeah, I pretty much dress like a slob. I think it's likely though that, if I had money, I'd live in an apartment, ride a bike, and wear nothing but haute couture.

Anonymous said...

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