Thursday, May 22, 2008

flowers for rufus

yep. why can't men have flowers? this is a selection of stuff we have around the yard that won't be here when he gets home. excuse us for indulging.

front area: we got way more pink ones this year (bigger too) and some really funky yellow ones. the crocuses have already died. when they ripped out the area for the new driveway they sort of trashed the wooden barrier, but we shall replace that with my master plan of erasing the front lawn entirely.
your azalea is looking sweet, if not buried in lawn. i will post when it blooms.
the lilacs are budding and they smell amazing and look great too.
those are the funky tulips i mentioned earlier.
the daffodils you planted in the fall.

*also, rufus, i think these pictures solidify your role in the house as "gardener #1", because clearly, i can't be trusted to mow the lawn on a regular basis, or care if it happens. we could sic lola on it, but it would be a long tiring day for me, and she'd get distracted easily. i shall endeavor to tackle it soon...ish.


rufus said...

My lawn- my beautiful lawn!

Just kidding. It looks great. I'm glad to see the lilics and at least some of the dafodils are up. I think we need to do a major overhaul this fall though. And possibly buy a cow.

Holly said...

Nice flowers!

You guys need some mulch, though.

What about a little goat, for the lawn?

rufus said...

Yeah, I think this fall, a lot of stuff is getting ripped up and replaced with mulch and bulbs. I think I'm going to start drafting the new garden now.

I'd like a goat so long as it stayed out of the flowers. It's hard enough with a cat.