Wednesday, August 13, 2008


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From this week in the Hamilton View Rant Line:

"I personally have gotten the hookers away from Barton and Emerald. They're done. I've got them finished. They're not here anymore."

"Hey, it's Deb. Please get the message. It's been eight weeks since we've talked so take the hint!"

"To the guy who talks about mini motors: how dare you call people losers who walk or take the bus! Has it ever occurred to you that some of these individuals are trying to support families and fight the economy at the same time, you goof?"

"Anybody been down to the Farmer's Market and bought themselves a nice big bag of compost?"

"Hey, dude! The one who is looking for Deb! Wake up and smell the coffee! Deb's finally happy. It's probably going to be infinity plus seven weeks before you get to see her again. She's finally getting what she deserves so you can just move on."

"This is in response to the rant about the pizza guy not getting tipped. As a stoner myself, I like to order pizza at midnight. If drugs were cheaper, I'd be able to tip more. It's not my fault drugs aren't any cheaper than they are now."

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