Wednesday, August 13, 2008

shirtdress (not in the 80s style)

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Snapped this in the window of a shop here in Graz that sells things made by young designers, and (if I've understood correctly) it's a rehab/social integration/outreach thing. The have several racks of one-offs from local designers, and while some are clearly abortive attempts at fashion, others are really quite slick. The shop's main line actually seems to be shoulder bags, courier satchels made from vinyl, embellished in various ways. Some of them were brilliantly conceived. All handmade, with what appears to be a lot of recycled materials.

It's worth clicking through to the larger version to see the back of the dress in the reflection.

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rufus said...

That is pretty cool. I've wanted to design something similar, but with long sleeves, probably more akin to a straightjacket, but nicer material.