Monday, November 10, 2008

Now Entering the Grey Months

I could not shoot a video of the local environment akin to the one below- you would think it was in black and white! We have entered the grey months. It has been 'overcast' for the last three or four days straight and cold enough that our cat is not interested in being let outside anymore. One neat thing: we had about a week straight of thick fog right at that spooky time of year in which it seems most appropriate.

I hate the grey months though. My mood drops and I start thinking it's bedtime at about 5 in the evening! For my birthday, I asked for a fedora and a small sun lamp. The weather is depressing, but it sort of focuses one too- a bit like a challenge to us humans to defy the cold and gloom. I feel like sitting in my office, working, which is not generally the case during other seasons. In the north, we have had a number of brilliant thinkers with brains like glass-cutting diamond. I've noticed that they tend to be a bit gloomy, though. I'm not brilliant, but I do understand the gloom. We're as much shaped by our environment as vice-versa.

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