Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Big O

I've been enjoying all of the Obama memorabilia that people are now selling. I'm not really sure what to call it- ''Obamanna'' ''Obama-anna'' Barack-kitsch If you've ever been to D.C. you'll find that they sell this junk on every other street corner no matter what the political event or public figure. I might still have the Michael Jordan Incense I bought a few years back.

So far my favorite is this item, a commemorative dildo, the ''Head-O-State''. They come in blue and gold, for some reason, and will soon be entering oval orifices nationwide.


Mui said...

I HAVE to have one! Pouahahah!

Holly said...


There is, sadly, a market for public figure sex toys. This baby jesus butt plug may be one of the most provoking? But if we're sticking to politics, who wouldn't want a strap-on dildo shaped like Ann Coulter? You know, just to wear around the house.