Saturday, January 03, 2009

Mulatu Astatke

Man, am I always behind the curve, or what? It seems like I hear about the best shit ten years later than everyone else.

Anyway, it was just today that I heard of Mulatu Astatke and his 'Ethio-jazz'. So, I've been listening to whatever I could find of the man and, damn if his music doesn't burn like the heat of a thousand suns. Yep, another rekkid to put in the ''whenever I get some damn money'' ledger.

Mulatu Astatke music on Youtube:


'Yegelle Tezeta'

'Metche Dershe'

Live Performance.

For sale- along with a huge amount of interesting music by other artists- here.


Holly said...

Apparently Jim Jarmusch is way ahead of you... if you'd seen Broken Flowers, you'd have heard this 3 years ago.

It's not my thing, but it's one of those kinds of jazz that helps me see how jazz doesn't suck categorically.

Rufus said...

I get the feeling that Jim Jarmusch is way ahead of me in most things. I'm what you might call an 'unhipster'.