Thursday, January 08, 2009

One Act Play About The Impact of News Media

Greg: wow CNN is shit
Holly: ?
Holly: is this the sub-fluff article about why presidents seem to age faster than regular people?
I LOVE the picture
that's so insane
Greg: -______-
Holly: and it'll look good on a milk carton
Last seen at the swearing-in, artists think he'll look like this now
Greg: Can CNN stop be a bunch of dump-humping shart-garglers for like 2 seconds to do some actual journalism?
Holly: I did NOT know presidents had to start using dog-years
Greg: Swearing in will be like drinking from the wrong grail in Indy 3
Holly: <-- learned something today
Greg: aaauuugghh
Greg: RAGE


Rufus said...

Actually, I can see this becoming a regular comic strip instead of a play. Each of them ending with Greg with smoke coming out of his ears.

Holly said...

Eh, I get the rage sometimes, too. Don't ask me about US $1 dollar coins, OK?

Rufus said...

Okay, I won't ask. But, how do you feel about the Canadian loonies and twonies?