Thursday, January 08, 2009


"They see each other at Chuck E. Cheese, and before you know it an argument turns into something physical."

-A police officer quoted in this article- perhaps the best article ever written- on increased incidents of violence between adults at a Chuck E. Cheese restaraunt in central Pennsylvania.

I believe that I can stop reading now, forever.


clairev said...

Pennsylvania is the new Florida!!!

Holly said...

I wasn't aware of the need for any more like Florida, but maybe I'm behind the times. Did Florida go under yet, or is Pennsylvania just feeling ambitious?

clairev said...

We just haven't heard much from Florida lately, so I figured Pennsylvania saw an opportunity to make a move. Maybe Florida is lying low in an effort to improve its image.


Holly said...

I saw an article last week about some kids in Florida who were beaten so severely with a baseball bat, the people who found them thought they'd been shot.

Yay, Florida.

Oh, and then there's the woman who was living with her two kids in a hole in the ground under a swingset or something.

(If parenting does, in fact, bring out the best in people, I'm afraid of what these folks would be like *without* kids...)