Monday, March 02, 2009

Killer Architecture Project!

This video is a very superficial intro to a project for rebuilding New Orleans, in particular the classic shotgun house. I could detail all the wild things about this, but basically, you'll get it all again when you watch the video.

It is unfortunately narrated in the style of Cast Commentary, which means that the voice over comes from someone who was watching the thing at the same time as recording, very distracted-sounding. I'll forgive that, the project is just too cool.


Rufus said...

It's pretty amazing. I first watched it on a computer with no speakers and had no idea what they were doing. I'd still want to see them put that thing through a wind tunnel though.

Holly said...

I would imagine it requires insulation and siding to be more of a residential building and less of a lego kit. But the potential is clearly there, and it's not *that* hard to put siding on a thing.