Monday, March 16, 2009

Lord, I think you'd overdose if you knew what's going down.

''Drugs are very dangerous, but there are a lot of things that are dangerous. The question is who should regulate danger? Should we assume responsibility for ourselves or should the government take care of us? And I don't believe in the nanny state.''
-Congressman Ron Paul, in this fairly amusing 'debate' on CNN.

Okay, one thing here- talk about stacking the deck! I mean, Ron Paul debating Stephen Baldwin? It's like watching a kindly older teacher trying to reason with the smirking dumbass who just got caught cheating on the final exam! Baldwin calls his approach ''faith-based'', which apparently means ''not based on any evidence'', and then goes on to mindlessly spout the ''gateway'' argument that pot-smokers all go on to harder drugs. Working as I do with a number of people for whom marijuana was a gateway to PhDs, I'm not convinced.

Dr. Paul thinks that the drug war will be soon reconsidered, and there does seem to be a lot of discussion of the topic as of late. I'm skeptical that things will change any time soon, at least in a sclerotic society such as this one. But then again, we've had three Presidents in a row for whom marijuana was a gateway to political office... although, one might actually take that as a warning against drug use!

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