Monday, September 21, 2009

(hopefully, this won't read like a spam email from an older relative!)

A bit too tired to post any French, Latin, or ranting tonight. But I liked this wisdom story, passed along by Jeffrey Goldberg, from Rabbi David Wolpe:
The Dubno Maggid told a story that should be learned by every Jewish child. He told of a father in a small Eastern European village who was walking his child to cheder, to school. Suddenly they heard a fanfare of trumpets and an elaborate coach pulled by beautiful horses rode down the road. The coach stopped right by them and out stepped a man wrapped in lush furs and dripping with jewels, dazzling the onlookers.

The father whispered to his son: "Take a good look, my child. For unless you learn and live Torah, that's what you are going to look like!"


Holly said...

That's fantastic.

Rufus said...

I really liked it too. As I non-believer, I still find much in religious writing that qualifies as really good advice for living.