Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Notes on Survive Style 5+ (part 1)

I've now watched the first part of the film Holly posted. I like it. Here are some random thoughts:

I love that all the sets look like they were left over from Pee Wee's Playhouse. Also, the clothes are great, particularly the ones on the couple who are trying to kill each other. It's interesting because the story reminds me of American independent films, but they usually have crap production design. The production design here is pretty striking.

I think that couple is far past the point of reconciliation.

I like that the breaking and entering kids are all dressed like Punky Brewster. I also feel bad for the kid with the terrible teeth.

The hypnotized father story is the most amusing so far. I would definitely go see Viva Friends.

I laughed out loud at the line, "The bathroom light is out!" I was also very amused by the idea of a hit man with an office space.

So, I'm enjoying the movie. But, now, I have to go get my chest X-rayed.


Holly said...

So glad you're watching it, I was worried you'd gotten buried under other things to do.

I love that couple's house. It's scary, but also awesome. Also, their car rocks.

The American-ness of so much of it really made me hopeful that some of the things I love about American cinema and imagery are as much out in the world as some of the things about the country that horrify and embarrass me. Dunno if that makes sense; hopefully.

Rufus said...

The real problem I've had is my computer sucks, so I have to wait until Claire's not using hers.

That makes sense. I find most non-American places get the best parts of American culture and ignore the rest. Actually, I envy the individuals in the world who can take the best of every culture and ignore the rest. I would love to know, for instance, who the great Ukranian fashion designers are, or what the best movies from Korea were last year. But, alas, there are only 24 hours in the day.