Sunday, September 06, 2009

Today in Totally Insane Propaganda

We've talked about bizarre and outrageous propaganda here in the past; Holly and I have both admitted to having a certain morbid fascination with it. Well, this one takes the cake! This is not a picture of an actual hanging. According to Le Figaro, this is a performance from a "musical comedy" spectacular recently staged in Libya to celebrate 40 years of Moammar Gadhafi holding power there. Which explains the laser light show, no doubt. Apparently, Hugo Chavez was also in attendance; I could not tell you if he requested "Free bird".


Holly said...

I always pegged Chavez for the guy who demands some Skynnard.

Rufus said...

I could see that- or maybe Tony Bennet. Actually, I'd pay cash to see Hugo Chavez permorming Pagliacci.