Tuesday, October 06, 2009

mr show-blow up moon

N.A.S.A has announced plans to send a missile traveling at twice the speed of a bullet to blast a hole in the lunar surface near the moon's South pole. The idea is to find out if there really are billions of tons of trapped ice there, as scientists believe.

The first thing I thought of was this sketch from Mr. Show.


Holly said...

The moon is not full of ice. But I'm glad we're going to blow that sucker up. We have the technology; the time is now.

Brian Dunbar said...

I, for one am giddy.

Water means civilization. Which means that I may yet be able to retire to the moon and live in a glorified hole in the ground. In low gravity to ease my aches and ancient bones.

But also because blowing stuff up is cool.

Rufus said...

Holly: Yes we can!

Brian: I suspected you'd be excited about that. It is pretty cool.