Saturday, January 02, 2010

“I’m sorry but we had to blow up your laptop.“

Anyone who travels with a laptop half expects to hear this sometime. Maybe more than half, depending who you are and where you travel. But this woman's laptop was shot three times... for... some reason.

It has got to be hard not to feel persecuted at times like these, no matter who you are.

I know this story went around the internet a few times, a couple of weeks ago, so, sorry if it is old news. It is particularly relevant to me, as I have a tendency to take pictures of graffiti, in all its insensitive glory.


Rufus said...

I'd not heard of it until I heard about it from you. It's certainly very paranoid. I can imagine being in that situation though. One thing that is weird with my sister is that you can't really send her anything because the postage will cost a fortune and it will likely be stolen en route. I don't think they shoot laptops nearly as often in Morocco however.

Holly said...

I don't think it was paranoia. I think it was spite. I say that because they are paying for replacement, which is not typical of law enforcement which has been justified and correctly handled. Also---they had no reason to think it was dangerous, and shooting it would not have made it any less dangerous.