Thursday, January 07, 2010

More About Local Business and the Econolypse

Just a bit of grotesque self-promotion: I have another article up at Front Page Republic. We'll see if this one's controversial- their readers tend to be relatively conservative and I'm basically suggesting in the article why I can't stomach any of the US political ideologies. Here's the first paragraph:
"When remembering a family-owned grocery store in rural Virginia, a first image comes to mind, even though I did not actually witness it. This is my boss, a woman standing all of five feet tall, in the front parking lot after closing time in her “shooting stance” with her gun out. While counting the money for the night, she watched two young men pull up in a car and start removing various firearms from their trunk. Walking around from the side exit, she got the jump on them. What she then said (edited for sensitive eyes) was: “I don’t know what (censored) you’re doing, but I’m the only one licensed to have a gun on my (censored) property. If you try to use that gun, you might hit me. But I will kill you.” They left.."
More here.

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