Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cell Sold

In an amusing online tirade, an anonymous Parisian says, ''J’abandonne mon téléphone portable'' and explains why. I also got rid of my cell phone; not for any idealistic reasons, but because I never really used the thing. However, having gotten my fill of clueless young people obliviously blabbing on their cell phones in public places, I am in support of anyone who wants to get rid of theirs.


Holly said...

Funny, we got cell phones because we *don't* use phones. With a landline, you pay every month, whether you use it or not. We don't. So we got cell phones with pre-paid time. There is always a phone available, we have numbers to give out when necessary, and much less cost.

Of course, we're also not the kind of jackasses who discuss last night's sex acts in detail in line at the grocery store.

Rufus said...

Or in a loud voice on the sidewalk, as a young co-ed was doing the last time I was walking around Toronto.