Friday, January 30, 2009


The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has gotten together a petition to criticize radio song and dance man Rush Limbaugh, who recently said that he hopes the President fails in his economic programs. They're going to add a provision that he not steal their lunch money or break their glasses. Republicans, in turn, have vowed to keep talking about radio personalities, so that the country doesn't forget they still exist.

The problem seems to be that some Democrats think it's inappropriate to dislike the President and want him to fail; that it's somehow rooting for the downfall of the country. So, for the last time people- 'the President' and 'America' are not coterminous. You can downright hate the President without having the slightest ill will towards the country that hired him. Okay? I've been doing that for the last three decades. So, if Rush Limbaugh hates Obama, that's his right in a democracy. Incidentally, he's also perfecty free to hate America, whether or not that bothers you. Christ, we just got done with eight years of assholes saying that anyone who wasn't thrilled about having Little Lord Fauntleroy as commander in chief was ''anti-American''. So, let's drop the loyalty oaths, okay?

Secondly, enough with the stark choices- either you support X, or you want the country to suffer some great catastrophe. Wasn't that the deal with the Patriot Act? Congress was supposed to sign off on this huge program, without reading it, because the whole world was about to explode! If you don't say yes, you want the terrorists to kill us all! So, now, if you don't say yes, you want the economy to kill us all?

Just a suggestion here: how about people argue about the stimulus plan, negotiate, make changes, drop some things and add others- you know, what happens in a democratic government.

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