Sunday, January 23, 2005

How Torture Plays in the Blogosphere

Here's a blog that pretty much sums up the freeper blogosphere's response to the torture scandal. "New England Republican" really demonstrates how... blind partisan thinking can be.
Quote: "I will never understand why the left is so hung up on this scandal - like somehow this re-inforces the reasons why Iraq was never a threat - but for the sheer logistics of opposition, Abu Ghraib gives them a powerful and uniting costume for their protests."

Why in the world would any American care if this is a nation that tortures people or a nation that doesn't? It couldn't have anything to do with the values on which the nation is founded, right? Of course not. What could that matter? And trying to figure out what behavior might be required by Christian morality is way too tough! So, instead of thinking about that issue, he assumes that "the left" has a problem with torture because its use "reinforces the reasons why Iraq was never a threat". Seriously, would it be possible to say anything stupider than that?

But, he continues:
"AND I won't complain - watching these people makes fools of themselves is priceless and Abu Ghraib provided me with a b*tchin' Halloween costume last year!"

Yes, it's just too bad he can't appreciate the ass he's made of himself.

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