Saturday, July 11, 2009

Slime City Massacre

Now, having said all of that about films not often rising to the level of art these days, I keep thinking to myself, "Will Slime City Massacre be a work of art?"

The sequel to the 1988 micro-budget horror film Slime City is now filming in Buffalo. The director, Greg Lamberson, has written entertaining articles on the film's pre-production here. It will be shot on hi-def video, which I just bitched about; however, it does make a bit more sense to use HD on a $100,000 movie than on a $80 million movie. Here you have a group of dedicated non-professionals giving their all in the hopes of making a really good movie.

Who wouldn't want to take part in something like that? I'll be making the two-hour drive to Buffalo tomorrow to play a homeless extra and I will post here to let everyone know how it goes. I probably will not put this on my CV however.

Can I promise that Slime City Massacre will be a work of art? Oh, God no. But, I'm pretty sure it will be an extremely entertaining movie made by people who love what they're doing, and there it's quite different from the dreck currently in the multiplexes.

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