Friday, August 28, 2009

Je suis malade

If I have seemed a bit more surly that usual lately, it's because I've been feeling like I was hit by a truck for about a week now. I've had chills, fever, pains, headache, and a terribly annoying cough.

So yesterday, I went to the clinic and met with my doctor, and had my chest x-rayed and was given antibiotics. Apparently, I have pneumonia. No idea how I got it. I'm usually in good health and we eat well and exercise. Probably some sort of bacteria.

Now, I'm staying home and sleeping all day and taking the medicine. All I feel like eating is mac & cheese and soft ice-cream.

But, one amusing thing about pneumonia (at least to me) is that one of the symptoms is mental confusion, which I have absolutely been experiencing lately.


clairev said...

in face, i caught him peeing in a plant yesterday...


rufus said...

Not true, as far as I know.

Holly said...

Beware those urges to eat starch/carbohydrate... could be feeding the beast.

Get better soon, and leave the plants alone.

Good luck, Claire!