Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Fungus Power

How in the world are they going to remove all that oil from the Gulf of Mexico? Paul Stamets suggests mycoremediation: using mushrooms to consume the spill. He's made it work surprisingly well on land- I'm not sure how it would work at sea. But it's worth a shot along with every other idea they can think of, right?


Holly said...

That's an outstanding idea. Did you see the thing in the news last week about Craig Venter making a bacteria from lab chemicals? ie, not-life to life ? Interesting times.

Rufus said...

I read about it in the Economist. It's a really big deal isn't it? I think they compared it to splitting the atom.

One thing that's bugging me about the oil slick is that I was pretty sure they figured out after the Valdez spill that they can deal with oil spills by adding the ingredient that thickens up bubble gum and sucking it up- but nobody seems to be suggesting that now.