Sunday, November 05, 2006

God's Angry Men

Ten Zen Monkeys has a great profile of one Michael Crook, and of a psychological type more generally- God's angry man, drifting aimlessly through a world that he hasn't the capacity to understand, which hasn't the capacity to understand him, seeking out targets to direct his righteous anger towards. For a while, Crook is trying to purge to the Mormon church he was raised in, and then he is raging against the Military that wouldn't enlist him for "overpaying the troops", then he is on a crusade to defeat the "crimmigrants", and now he is trolling Craiglist, desperately looking for men who want to have sex with 19-year old girls, who in his crusader/protector mindset are naive victims. Posing as an 19-year old girl who is looking for sex, Crook gets to play the victim, and then post the men who respond to his ad on his webpage as "perverts", and "pathetic men", and so play the defender of feminine modesty. The writer characterises Crook as a "jerkoff", but I wonder how many others there are like him out there, with a sort of free-floating hostility that craves "degenerates" to persecute. I shudder a bit, thinking of Crook... just another alienated and lost child, waiting for his own Ayatollah to come and justify the cleansing fire that burns inside him, and give him something to destroy in vengeance against a world that never understood or cared for him.

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