Friday, November 24, 2006

Serious Business

Claire and I have no computer, so I'm posting at her parents' house. Out of everything that's been happening in the world, and in my life, I think the most important thing to comment on is this:
The Madonna concert on NBC was absolutely great.

Best thing I've seen her do in some time. I mean, her new material is pretty strong; but lately, she's looked way too strained and stressed out. She's been dancing as fast as she can, poor thing. This evening, she looked like she was having fun. Okay, maybe the Dancing Queen of Outer Space motif got a bit tired at times. But, there was something exuberant about the show that hasn't been there in her last few videos.


dina herrera said...

Is it possible that I can buy from you a copy of the Madonna's concert aired on NBC? I missed it due to my child been hospitalized as an emergency. Can you please help me get a cd copy? Thanks,
Dina Herrera

dina herrera said...

Alguien me puede ayudar a conseguir una copia del concierto de Madonna que se paso el miercoles 22 de noviembre en NBC?

Rufus said...

I'm very sorry, but we didn't tape it. Our VCR is broken. But, I wouldn't be surprised if Madonna dot com isn't selling DVDs of the show before long.
Best wishes