Friday, December 11, 2009

Webster's Falls 1

Webster's Falls 1
Originally uploaded by D. S. Hałas
Here's a nice picture up on flicker of Webster's Falls, one of over 100 waterfalls in Hamilton. Our city is divided by the escarpment- Claire and I live about two blocks from it in fact. This means that we have a lot of waterfalls here. This is, of course, the same escarpment that Niagara Falls goes over. They are now trying to "brand" Hamilton as "The Waterfall Capital of the World". It's better than out current tag line, "You Can Smell the Steel Mills from the Highway!".


Holly said...

I had no idea! Your pictures of Hamilton have been my exclusive vision of it, and they are largely sub/urban and industrial in nature. That's nifty, although my skin crawls when people talk about "branding" things like cities.

Rufus said...

There's sort of an idea around here that Hamilton is the "steel city", and it's really because, if you're passing it on the highway, you just see the big mills, which are cool looking and burning constantly. It's only recently that I've started noticing some of the other stuff. We have one of the largest collections of Victorian era architecture in North America, for example. And we do have the escarpment and all that entails, including a large wine region.

So, it's not all industrial stuff and old houses. I probably need to get out more. The other day, I walked around and discovered a carpet factory in the middle of a neighborhood and some sort of enormous Chinese civic center neighboring the steel mills. So, it's a pretty surprising city really.