Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The REAL Reasons People Visit Here

Okay, so I added one of those traffic trackers to this site about a month ago.
The good news you discover when you do this is that people do visit, they just don't leave any comments, for the most part.

The weird thing is that a lot of them get here because some text on this page matches terms that they were searching. But, the tracker gives you their search terms. So, it's with great pride that I announce that people came to Grad Student Madness this week looking for:

"european sex party"

"giant vaginas"

"chapters indigo sucks" (glad someone else thinks so)

"selma hayeck and snake"

"student sex party"

"sucks to be a grad student"

"hitler and the pope"

"plethysmograph homolka" (my absolute favorite combination of search terms hands down! Why isn't this the name of a punk band yet?)

"Sex student party" (I should remind you that I did a post about Canada's political party known as the Sex Party)

"Giant penises" (and about frat boys who dressed as giant penises)

"Where's Karla" (about four times)

"Worldgame 2005"

"University of Iowa" and "Philosophy grad student"

and, alas, "Private sex party".

So, it's gratifying to know that people are looking to me to find out where this sex party is. But, I just don't know, man!

1 comment:

W. S. Cross said...

When you find out where the great sex party is, please let us ALL know.

Seems like not that much has changed since college when most undergrads were looking for the sex party with all the action. Mostly males, but some women, too.

My brother called me in great distress this weekend to say that the police had to be called to a party across the street when some of the female guests became raucous and began disrobing. He was distraught because he slept through it all, and only found out when a neighbor informed him the next day.