Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Renaissance Studs

So, I'm grading the final exams today, and I keep seeing the same strange mistake on them. When asked to describe 'the Renaissance man', over half of these students characterize him as, first and foremost, 'physically perfect', or 'very strong physique'. This seems really weird to me, because nothing I've ever read about the Renaissance suggested that its prime thinkers were hotties.

(Note: Picture of beefcake Leonardo DaVinci)

It could be that they're just really shallow. But, even worse, I'm guessing that their dumbass textbook told them this nonsense about the Renaissance artists pumping iron. So, now I have to comb through this godawful text once again to see if it has the passage 'Renaissance Men: Hot or Not?'

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Lisa said...

Alternatively, they're just going by the statuary. And ignoring the fact that David was not, in fact, a self portrait of Michaelangelo (or whatever one would call a self portrait in sculpture form).