Sunday, December 17, 2006

Support our Troops in the War on Christmas

Surprise! Religious groups are upset about the upcoming release of Dimension Pictures remake of Black Christmas, a movie about a killer at Christmas. There are actually quite a few movies about Killer Santas, or killers at Christmas. When I was a kid, back in 1984, religious groups protested th release of Silent Night, Deadly Night, a mediocre Killer Santa film. Admittedly though, it is far better than its sequel, and has some amusing touches, like a kid who is decapitated while sledding! Black Christmas, which was shot at the University of Toronto in the 1970s, is one of the best, although my favorite is still Christmas Evil. I used to have a marathon of Santa Slasher films with my friends each year. You'd be amazed at how cathartic it is after a few weeks of holiday shopping. Also, it's my way of doing my part to support the War on Christmas!


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Rufus said...

So, like You Tube?