Sunday, January 14, 2007

Flimsy's "Believe it or Burn!" Museum

A Creation Museum is opening in Kentucky, and I honestly have a perverse desire to visit it. "The $27 million project, which also includes a planetarium, a special-effects theater, nature trails and a small lake, is privately funded by people who believe the Bible's first book, Genesis, is literally true."

Not only that, but the site makes it look like they have a section explaining how Adam's sin led to the creation of dinosaurs! Hot damn! This place looks like more fun than a barrel of monkey ancestors! Like a cross between Dinosaur Land and a Jack Chick tract.

Predictably, environmental groups are upset about the zoning. But, surprisingly, other groups have tried to get the place shut down because they object to its Horseshitacular message. But, why? Who cares if these people want to have a museum of crapola? What do you want to bet there's already a UFO museum somewhere in America? Or a Scientology Museum? Or a Museum of Mermaids? Or a Unicorn Museum? I mean, what difference does it make if people want to teach their kids that Noah fought the raptors or whatever?

I can totally understand why parents don't want this stuff taught in their kid's Biology class. But, honestly, does it really hurt the rest of us that some people choose to believe nonsense? Trust me, I've met plenty of well-educated liberal academics who still believe that flouride and microwaves cause cancer, or that second-hand smoke is more dangerous than smoking, or that Einstein's wife did all of his math for him, or that gender is culturally constructed, or any other number of flimsy ideas, and to be honest, it doesn't really make much of an impact on my life. I've started to think that other people's reality tunnels aren't really my problem. One of the amazing aspects of the human animal is our ability to create elaborate realities to replace this one according to our will. People should see this place as a triumph of the imagination- an Art Museum!