Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Slogging Months

I understand why bears hibernate. These are the slogging months for me. In normal circumstances, I'm fairly enthusiastic about the world around me. I've usually got fifteen projects going on at the same time and am trying to learn about six or seven different topics. People often think that I'm on drugs.

But the slogging months bring everything to a crawl. I don't know if I exactly get depressed, but my mind goes placid on most days. The skies are grey and cataracted for six months or so and it's cold for about three of those months. I don't mind the snow that falls most days because it's powder; you can remove it from the car with a broom. But there are days when I miss the sun.

Today I did about three things and that was a big accomplishment. So it wasn't a bad day. Actually, people in this town get pretty cranky in the Winter. Everywhere you go, you hear people bitching in that nasally Noo Yawk accent about nothing at all. Of course, you hear that in the Summertime as well! But I think it's a little worse in the Winter.

Anyway, I'm going to slow down for a few months, but I should be fine.

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