Monday, February 18, 2008


The other day I got lousy service in a bakery and it sort of amused me because it's not like I couldn't find a better one! There seems to be a Boulanger on every street in France, or at least every other street. I think this is how you can tell if you're in a bad neighborhood: there are no bakeries. Or, perhaps there are punk kids hanging around on the street corners wearing last year's fashions- always a bad sign.

The boulangerie is where you get the weekly baguette, the daily pain au chocolat, or the occasional larger pastry. I'm pretty much hooked on the morning croissant and have taken to bringing home a baguette each week as well. I suppose it's not as fattening as the morning six donuts that seems to be the norm in Hamilton.


Hiromi said...

I miss that kind of thing. When I traveled in Europe and Southeast Asia, I stayed in places where I -- and the residents of those neighborhoods -- could just walk out the door and stroll around and have a plethora of places to choose breakfast or lunch from. Here, you have to hop in your car and drive to food.

Rufus said...

I think it's easier to walk places in general outside of North America. It's one of the things I love here.