Saturday, December 06, 2008

Failed Marriage

A Rolling Stone article on California's Proposition 8 states the obvious about the 'No on Prop 8' campaign:
"This was political malpractice," says a Democratic consultant who operates at the highest level of California politics. "They fucked this up, and it was painful to watch. They shouldn't be allowed to pawn this off on the Mormons or anyone else. They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and now hundreds of thousands of gay couples are going to pay the price."

No kidding. I remember wondering why they weren't running a heck of a lot more ads back before the vote. And, frankly, the ones they were running were just lame. Now that the proposition has passed, everyone's riled up, and Jack Black has played a singing Jesus, which isn't likely to work, but made me chuckle. I think gay marriage is an inevitability at this point. But the gay rights people need to be persuasive. Avoid all this nonsense about ''hate'' and demonizing the Mormons, which will never work; and pretend like they're selling a used car: ''What am I going to have to do to get you into gay marriage today?''

Remember, folks, the people you're trying to convince aren't hatemongers; they just have yet to be won over. And then go crusing for their votes.

[Although in terms of boycotts, they couldn't find a better theme song than The Dwarves' poppy 'Salt Lake City']

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