Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Liberal man down

My prediction so far has been that this whole Canadian kerfuffle will end with the Conservatives getting rid of Stephen Harper and the Liberals getting rid of Stéphane Dion, and then maybe the two of them will tour the country as a comedy revue.

Harper's still around, sadly, but it sure looks like the Liberals are getting rid of Dion [no relation to Céline Dion], and replacing him with Michael Ignatieff. If the name sounds familiar, he used to teach at Harvard and has written a whole bunch of books, before returning to Canada and getting into Canadian politics. Clearly, academia wasn't quite as dull and petty as the House of Commons.

Anyway, Dion looked bad in the 'coalition incident' because it seemed as if he was trying to crown himself Prime Minister after the election. And most people prefer a fellow named Bob Rae to Ignatieff; but he's said 'screw you guys'. Apparently, you can't give away leadership of the Liberal Party these days.

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