Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Sweet Divines

I only noticed them because local dancing sensation Mike Long made a video to one of their songs (and that video pretty much encapsulates Hamilton in a little over three minutes!); but I'm guessing the Sweet Divines from Brooklyn, New York are having little trouble getting attention. They're a traditional soul band and it seems to me that the trick to playing ''old school'' music is that you have to actually love the stuff, or it'll come off as totally fake. Now, I don't think it has to be exact- The Cramps don't really sound like they belong on Sun Records, but they still sound like real rockabilly to me. The Sweet Divines sound closer to authentic soul than anything else, but I think what really matters is that they seem like they feel the music, which is what strikes me as lacking in some of the ''retro'' acts on the radio. They clearly love soul music and the songs on their website are solid material.

So, if you actually live in Brooklyn, check them out live!


emilystrange said...

Wow! This band is great! Thanks so much for turning me on to them - Royal Pink should totes be band friends with them!

Rufus said...

Yeah, I definitely think you'd both go good together as a double billing.