Sunday, March 22, 2009

The ''spending so much time online'' problem

Don’t you think that the “spending so much time online” problem effects all of us, whether or not we’re taking our clothes of while doing it? It seems to me like ordinary people getting naked on the internet is just an extreme part of a more widespread problem. I think in some ways people choose the internet over real life daily, but because they’re doing it in a more socially acceptable or “moral” way our culture seems to accept it as “progress.” It seems from what you’re telling me that you feel the internet and it’s “social” uses are a band aid solution for a larger problem?

From an interesting interview here about porn personas on the internet. It reminds me to mention that I'm thinking about changing the format of GSM once again, partially because I'm a bit tired of running around the rabbit holes of the internet and directing everyone who stops by this one increasingly farther down. It might mean, however, that all of this will become even more unreadable and tedious! We shall see. I'll explain more in the future. Stay tuned!

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