Monday, November 02, 2009

Fårö ( Faro) Church

Fårö ( Faro) Church
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A church on the island of Fårö off of Sweden, where Ingmar Bergman is buried. Bergman lived on Fårö for many years and shot many of his films on the island during the summer. In fact, I remember quite a bit of his film Shame, which deals with civilians trying to survive a never-explained war, taking place on the ferry to the mainland.

Bergman's home on the island has recently been bought by the Norwegian businessman Hans Gude Gudeson, who plans to build "an artistic center" on the property, although he has not elaborated on what that would entail. Hopefully, he will follow through. Even though Bergman's films are a bit gloomy, the island is beautiful in them.

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