Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From Canadians, to their government...

For Canadians only... Here is the opening of a petition going around in support of a full inquiry into the torture allegations brought up repeatedly by Richard Colvin, which so far the Harper government has responded to (rather alarmingly) by essentially slandering Colvin, their former senior diplomat in Afghanistan, and otherwise shrugging off the idea that the Canadian government should have any transparency or accountability whatsoever.
Whereas, on November 18 former senior Canadian diplomat to Afghanistan Richard Colvin testified in front a House of Commons committee stating that most if not all Afghans handed over to Afghan authorities by Canadian forces in Afghanistan were subject to torture; and
Whereas, Colvin wrote as many as 17 memos via the appropriate channels attempting to alert the appropriate authorities reaching as far up as one of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's senior security advisers to the likelihood of Canada's complicity in enabling the torture of Afghans via the appropriate channels of communications that have been heretofore ignored; and

Whereas, despite a long and distinguished career of service to his country, the Harper government has responded to Colvin's in a dismissive and cavalier fashion and has explicitly questioned Colvin's credibility instead of addressing his concerns; and
Whereas, the government of Canada has not only failed to address Colvin's concerns, but has also acted in a questionable and potentially obstructionist manner towards a Military Complaints Commission whose purpose was to address those concerns; and...
The rest is here and you can sign it if you live in Canada. I will note that, as an American turned Candian resident, it's long seemed obvious to me that Harper is an arrogant prick who is none-too-fond of democracy as such, and Canadian democracy in particular. Most Canucks I know feel the same way, but in general, don't expect very much of their government and complain that, given the chaotic state of the opposition, nothing can be expected. With all due respect.. bullshit. You should be demanding more from this government, even if they are so incredibly, tragically disfunctional. Here's a way to start demanding some accountability from your government. Nay, our government.

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