Monday, November 02, 2009

My Jawboning about Jawboning

Just a heads up- I am very glad to note that I have an article up today at Front Porch Republic, a site I've praised here in the past. It is about my family's old hardware store, a picture of which you can see in the article.

"The other day I was standing in a cavernous mega-chain hardware store looking for gardening supplies. This was not an easy task because the store, which we can call Triumph of the Drill, had something like 36 aisles, each of which was bisected, making 72 aisles. In addition, there was a full service garage for auto repairs, and an outdoor patio selling mulch and fertilizer, but sadly, no gardening supplies. The complexity of the store was incredible; you’d need a PhD to fully understand it."

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