Sunday, July 03, 2005

Missed You

I also just want to say that we're sorry Daisy couldn't make it to the wedding. Poor girl missed her flight and got shafted by the airline and had to stay in Chicago. Daisy, we were both quite moved that you tried to come up from New Orleans to our wedding and we want you to know that we were thinking of you. It meant a lot to us that you wanted to be there.


daisy said...

Sorry, I just read this now. You are correct - I really, really, really wanted to be there and I *still* *can't* *believe* I wasn't. Months of planning....oh well, I mustn't work myself up into a tizzy now. We'll just have to make plans to meet at some future date. Sure, it won't be as exciting as, you know, your wedding, but on the other hand, you won't have hundreds of other people to entertain. So, coming to the South any time soon?

Rufus said...

These things happen. We would like to go down South, preferably in the dead of winter. Right now we have like 500 vacation destinations. When you get married, you get this World Tour lined up with everyone that wants to see you. Actually, our first trip will be to Oregon next week. But, we want to get down there eventually.