Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Teen Sex Party (Now, how many people will accidentally Google their way here?)

According to a new study, teenagers are having casual, but safe sex at a younger age without guilt.

"And it is young women who are leading the way in this dramatic cultural shift in which sexual activity among teenagers is considered not only acceptable, but the norm, according to SDSU psychology professor and study co-author Jean Twenge."

I would say that young women are actually leading the way in most things now.

The reasons for this teenage sex renaissance?

"They include the availability of birth control, a shift toward satisfying an individual's needs as opposed to society's, and gender equality – young women are growing up feeling equal to their male counterparts.
"It's a cultural shift. Young people are saying do what's good for you and women can now make their own individual choices," Twenge said.
Twenge also said that the so-called sexual double standard, in which it was considered OK for men to have sex outside of marriage but not for women, has gone by the wayside among today's teenagers."

Surely this is good news, right? But, you know that the boot will eventually drop and someone will tell us that this is terrible news. I'm guessing it will either be:
a) A fundamentalist Christian group, or
b) A feminist organization.

So, if anyone wants to bet on one or the other to rain on the teenage sex parade first, I'll take bets of $1. I'm actually leaning towards b.


Deb said...

I think people are already saying it's bad news. For one, society still holds a double standard that says it's okay for males to have multiple sex partners and to start when they are younger, but girls who do so are still considered sluts or easy or whores, etc.

As a slutty, easy woman, I can tell you that I am neither. I can also tell you that I have had more than 10 sexual partners in the approximately 5 years I have been sexually active. I can also say that if it wasn't treated as such a taboo when I was younger that I might not have had a "wild" stage and those numbers might be lower. Oh well!

Then again, if having sex was trendy when I was younger, who is to say I might not have jumped on the "everybody's-doing-it" bandwagon and become STD infected, pregnant, or worse.

I say do what you want, when you feel emotionally and physically mature enough, and even then, do it with extreme caution. I have been used for sex, and I have been raped. I would not wish either on ANYONE!

Rufus said...

Right, but part of what the study found was that teenagers don't really buy the double standards anymore. Which is great news, and also what I noticed when I was in university.

And, if safe sex is what's trendy, that's encouraging too! Apparently, teenage pregnancy rates have been dropping for the last decade. So, hopefully, when kids have their wild phase, they won't get pregnant or contract some STD.

Thanks for stopping by!

Rufus said...

And your blog is great, by the way!